Temtem official artbook launches 25 october

We released the official Temtem art book. A unique guide for tamers of the Archipelago.

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Are you already the best Temtem tamer in the world or have you just started your adventure? If you want to know everything about the universe created by Crema, we bring you the Temtem official artbook.

At GTM Ediciones, we are committed to the Spanish development of videogames and we are very excited to bring you the artbook of one of the great independent titles in our country.

This very special and exclusive book joins our commitment to publishing high-quality official art books in our country. This will be added to our offer made up of the art of great titles such as A Plague Tale: Requiem, Blasphemous, Moonlighter or Summer in Mara.

Temtem as you have never seen it

The Temtem art book features a total of 232 pages in a deluxe edition with gold stamped covers. In it, you will find hundreds of original and unpublished illustrations of more than 160 Temtem with information and descriptions of their creators. A valuable source of information for any tamer, both for the most novice and for the most experienced.

Along with these tokens, you will also find exclusive art and details, locations of the Archipelago and the characters of the game. All of them with explanations and comments from the Crema team itself.

At GTM Ediciones, we take care of all the details of our work to the millimeter and we always seek to give you an unmistakable extra quality. In this edition, you will find interiors with an extra metallic ink that will give more life to all its contents. A delight for fans for the most demanding tamers.

To finish off such a spectacular artbook, its cover is illustrated by the legendary Toni Infante —an artist who has worked for Marvel or Tencent, among others—. A riot of color and fantasy, where you can find several of the most mythical and special Temtem.

A very special limited edition

If you preorder the limited edition of the official Temtem art book with us now, you will receive a poster signed by the entire Crema team and a numbered, limited edition certificate of authenticity.

As if this were not enough, if you preorder now you can get one of the most anticipated artbooks of this year with a 5€ discount on your purchase. An unrepeatable opportunity for fans of the franchise and for players starting their adventure in the Archipelago for the first time.

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